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The Canadian Cowboy Ski Race was founded in 2013 by Ted Stovin, Kynan Vine and Brandon Thome. The sole goal of the event is to raise awareness and money for The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team.

The event pits the cowboys/cowgirls against a formidable opponent in the mountain. In order to compete each contestant must be wearing a cowboy hat and chaps for the day. Two different events during the day test the ski and snowboard skills of each cowboy/cowgirl. There is the head to head slalolm race that is sure to keep everyone on their toes. Near the end of the ski day, the reason every cowboy enters, The Canadian Cowboy Ski Race. During the race 60 competitors start at the top of the mountain and at the same time hurl themselves towards the finish. First one down wins the coveted buckle and bragging rights for the year.

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